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Montblanc. Crafted for New Heights.

For more than one hundred years, Montblanc has represented a philosophy of excellence and has been committed to the highest level of traditional craftsmanship and timeless aesthetics in every product. Each Montblanc product is a masterpiece of outstanding quality, crafted from the finest materials. Imagination, creativity and passion are unique gifts that inspire the Montblanc master craftsmen to create products that go beyond their functional purpose and everlasting beauty, embodying something special: a soul. Designed for those who value both traditional craftsmanship and innovation, Montblanc products involve exceptional dedication: the art of crafting the gold nib of a fountain pen in over one hundred working steps with infinite care, the passion to design leather goods of pure luxury and classic design, the inspiration to create a perfect piece of jewellery and the painstaking attention to detail of Montblanc’s master watchmakers in crafting state-of-the-art timepieces of utmost precision. Montblanc creations are supposed to celebrate the most significant moments in life and are often handed down from generation to generation.


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