Institute of Swiss Watchmaking

The ever-increasing demand for luxury watches translates into a growing demand for qualified craftsmen and women to service these products. To help meet this demand, the Institute of Swiss Watchmaking was founded in 2008 by Richemont to provide dedicated, career-minded individuals with the education and training to become a part of this exciting profession.

Two schools based in Dallas (NAIOSW - North American Institute of Swiss Watchmaking) and Hong Kong (HKIOSW - Hong Kong Institute of Swiss Watchmaking) were opened in 2009. These schools prepare students for the internationally recognised WOSTEP certification, a symbol of "Swiss Made" excellence in this field.

Montblanc’s partnership with the IOSW is a valuable complement to its training policy. The goal is to develop and maintain, on a worldwide basis, a combination of know-how and expertise in the field of high-end watchmaking that will enable the brand to offer its customers high-quality local service.

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